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TFT LCD Application - Banknote Processing System

One of Topway's customers is working on a new desk-top banknote processing system with two output compartments. This time LMT090 series with capacitive touch is the chosen display. At the moment when this is written, sample machines are going through a series of tests: counterfeit detection; different versions' banknotes recognition etc. 

BPS uses state-of-art sensors and fuzzy logic algorithm to analyze collected data; detecting banknote's  denomination, orientation, or fitness. Some BPS even incorporated AI, can quickly learn to process banknote with new design. 

Inside BPS, TFT LCD is very closed to motor. Electromagnetic Interference is a main concern. Customer's engineers mentioned that they had major "ghosting" and noise problem on LCD screen, when they tested other LCD samples. Another factor that helps Topway LCD module wins in competition, is its real-life refresh rate and response time. BPS's throughput is the machine's main selling point, so having a "fast" LCD screen is a must.

Below is a video showing Topway's TFT LCD module connected to a BPS with other supplier's LCD embedded. Clearly Topway LCD module refreshes a lot quicker,  beating competitor hands down.

Video file