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LCD Display Enhancement - Film & Filter

Why use films and filters

LCD displays have been used in many tools and appliances that we use throughout the day. This widespread integration of smart display technology provides a wide variety of use environments, with varying light quality levels, ability to review confidential materials, and other environments where reflection, glare, brightness or privacy may be a factor.

Wide selection of films and filter can be added to you LCD display to advance its performance and can

  • improve LCD screen's readability and viewing angles
  • resist to wear and tear
  • increase security over sensitive data

Improve viewing and readability

Anti-Reflective Film

A film can be applied to either top or bottom of LCD cover-glass, to reduce the amount of light reflection brought by bright conditions, such as outdoor applications. Multiple layers of AR film can be added to reduce reflection further. Improve LCD screen contrast.

Anti-Glare Film

Anti-glare film provides an ideal solution to reduce glare and diffuse reflections on screen affected by high ambient light or sunlight, maximize screen visibility in vary use environments.


Optical film redirects light and widen viewing angles. Using o-film typically gives viewer around 10 degrees more viewability in all directions, at the cost of slight reduce of sharpness.

Protect you display

Anti-Fingerprint Film

A coating with oil and water resistant properties is applied on touch screen, to reduce finger print marks left behind from touch operations.

Anti-Bacterial Film

A layer of coating with nano silver materials is used on medical device LCD screen. The coating breaks bacterial cell wall and kills 99% harmful pathogens. Using anti-bacterial film makes disinfecting medical device easy.

Privacy Filter

The filter controls viewing angles, blocks light exiting from the sides of LCD display, enables only the user directly in front of the screen to see its displayed content.

UV & Infrared Protection Filter

Ultraviolet protection film reduces damage, such as color shifting and discoloring caused by UV radiation. IR filter protects LCD display from infrared radiation and prevents heat build-up. The filters are generally recommended for outdoor systems and devices.

In the past 20s years, Topway Display had been applying different kind of enhancements to our LCD modules, tailor to customers' needs. Please contact us if you need a screen for your project.