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Point of Sale TFT LCD Display

What is POS

POS, Point Of Sale is a place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services. A typical POS system has one or two screens, bar code / RFID scanner, credit card reader and a scale. POS systems are increasingly interactive. Heavy duty touchscreen TFT LCD displays are an integral part of the restaurants Point of Sale (POS) Systems, retail stores self-checkout kiosks and POS Systems, counters POS touchscreens at grocery stores, bars and nightclubs and at almost all service industry’s point of sale checkout registers.

Also, the intensifying competition in the retail industry and resulting use of POS displays for enticing customers to purchase products have encouraged retailers to demand different custom-made displays capable of serving specific needs across different retail facilities. A touchscreen LCD display is not only replacing traditional keyboard, but also providing sleek and modern look. It is an essential piece to any POS system.

TFT LCD Display for POS

Since TFT LCD is such an important part for POS system, picking the right one is critical to product's success. Followings are some of the characters, a good TFT LCD should have.

  • Wide color gamut - provides rich color and vivid image.
  • Wide viewing angle - customer can easily see the screen from different angles.
  • HDMI or LVDS interface - POS screen is not only for displaying billing information, but also video and animation. A future proofed interface that can carry lots data is a must.
  • Touchscreen - operating POS through touchscreen is a normal pratices. Resistive touch offers a low cost solution that supports glove operation. Capacitive touch supports multiple touch points without sacrificing screen clarity. 

Topway has been supplying our European POS manufacturers with 7", 10", 12" and 15" TFT LCD displays for past several years. And we provide optional Anti-Reflection, Anti-Glare, Anti-Finger Print and Anti-Scratch coatings.