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Case study

Smart TFT LCD and Internet Of Things
A display with network capability has a role to play in IoT
TFT LCD Display For Fare Gate
When travelling in subway system, we will see many electronic signages. TFT LCD is the dominated display technology.
TOPWAY TM035KDZ25-09 Compatible with TIANMA TM035KDH03-00
Followings are the comparison between two models
TOPWAY TM050RDHG16 Compatible with TIANMA TM050RDH03-41
Followings are the comparison between two models
Smart TFT LCD on Peristaltic Pump
Topway Smart TFT LCDs are used more and more on medical field. Peristaltic pump is one of the applications.
Smart TFT LCD used on Variable-Frequency Drive
Smart TFT LCD is very suitable for industry application, such as medical, electricity and transportation.
TFT LCD Flickering Problem - Case Study
LCD screen flickering happens from time to time when designing an electronic product. How do we solve it?
Smart TFT LCD For Active Power Filter
Human society relies on electricity. And active power filter is a critical part in power grid system.
Topway LCD Display in United Nations - 5th Anniversary
Five years ago, Topway LCD signage officially entered United Nations' meeting rooms.
Case Study - Redesign Of An Outdoor LCD Display
TFT LCD displays for outdoor use need to have special characteristics to defend harsh environment.
TFT LCD Display and ESD
TFT LCD display is external facing component in a product. ESD test on TFT LCD screen is a must before a product can be launched to market.
TFT LCD Module for EV Charger
Most EV Chargers are installed outdoor. Which requires their screens to survive punitive working environment.