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Case study

TFT LCD Display and ESD
TFT LCD display is external facing component in a product. ESD test on TFT LCD screen is a must before a product can be launched to market.
TFT LCD Module for EV Charger
Most EV Chargers are installed outdoor. Which requires their screens to survive punitive working environment.
Build a digital scale display with smart TFT LCD
Smart LCD Module is Topway's solution to off-load heavy lifting of display & touch control from host MCU, and simplify engineer's development effort. 
Coffee machine application
We use Topway’s LCD module in our coffee machines, from monochrome display to TFT screen.
TFT LCD Application - Banknote Processing System
BPS is a device that performs counting, sorting, authentication all at one time. LCD's speed and precision are very important.
Topway's signature service
In our BPS project, Topway people put up a 1st class support performance. Their total commitment and expertise on LCD technology are important factors in the project's succeed.