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TFT LCD for Network Equipment


Normally, network equipment doesn’t have any LCD screen on it. Blinking LED lights are all that you have to indicate what is going on. As our daily activities rely more on computer network, network equipment is getting more complicated and important. They changed from merely connection devices to a collection of equipment with different functions. And they have more information to show to their owners. Blinking LED is not enough anymore. Thus, LCD displays are installed on increasing numbers of network equipment.

Air-gap network device with LCD

An air-gap device is a security countermeasure hardware that is based on the idea of creating an impenetrable barrier between a digital asset and malicious actors. In this context, a malicious actor could be a hacker, a virus, an insider, a power surge, or a natural disaster—

TFT LCD for Network Equipment

any force that threatens the digital asset. Air-gap network appliance is one of those important gears that has multiple functions and has a lot of data to inform administrator. LCD screen replaces LED lights in this case. It helps airgap equipment manufacturer increase their product’s appeal and its status.

Smart TFT LCD for air-gap network equipment

To help our network equipment manufacturers further standing out, Topway created HMT025ATA, a low cost smart color LCD that fits perfectly into 1U chassis and has very unique convenient features.

LCD for Network Equipment

  • Self-contained display engine requires minimum resource from host MCU
  • 320x160 IPS LCD panel provides vivid color and wide viewing angle
  • Quick and easy UI construction through “drag and drop” design tool

Using smart TFT LCD on network equipment greatly enhances the device’s image and reduces LCD screen design time.