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What is Topway Smart LCD Module?

"Show this interface", "Update that value on screen", "User's input is" ... Smart LCD module introduces high-level programming capabilities, and encapsulates all display and touch-screen logic.

Smart LCD Module Application

Taking over the duty of displaying content and respond to touch event, Topway launched Smart LCD module couple years ago. Smart LCD is a TFT LCD display module embedded with MCU, display engine and touch controller.

smart lcd application block diagram

Simple serial commands are all that needed to interact with the screen, no more pixel programming.


Using Topway smart LCD module is very simple. It can be summarized as 5 steps:

smart lcd module application steps

The Benefits

Smart LCD module is between traditional TFT LCD module and HMI device. HMI device works as a standalone unit with higher cost. Topway smart TFT LCD provides a cost effective way to quickly implement human - machine interface.

  • Graphical UI Editor, enables quick user interface construction, speeds up product's time-to-market
  • Preloaded UI design in smart LCD, provides speedy showing and updating
  • Embedded display engine, reduces main board workload and over-all cost
  • Built-in Lua Script language engine, empowers rich and friendly user interface
  • RJ45 port, supports long-distant update and easy expansion
  • Unified body, improves EMC performance and increases reliability

Basic Items

Smart LCD module works with five basic items.

  • Page - container for one UI screen, it holds page elements
  • Element - functional display unit on a page. Such as Action, Character, Image etc.
    • 9 action type elements
    • 6 character type elements
    • 6 image type elements
    • 8 graphic type elements
  • Call Function - function that can be triggered by Page start, Touch Key or Virtual Touch Key press action
    • 14 keyboard functions
    • 20 operations
  • VP Variable - a RAM area for holding temporary value. It supports host access, on-screen keyboard input and value operations
  • Image Resource - images linked by elements or pages for displaying, including background images, icon and animated images

Development Tools

Topway's UI Editor for smart LCD module provides a zero-coding way to construct human machine interface. User can drag & drop above basic items onto page and set up their properties according to need.

smart lcd module ui editor

Here is a short video demonstrating how to build user interface in minutes with Smart LCD display.


Smart TFT LCD Display vs Traditional TFT LCD Display

Smart TFT LCD Display vs Traditional TFT LCD