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Sunlight Readable LCD Display
Most TFT LCDs are hard to read under sunlight. They are "washed" out under direct or indirect sunlight, normally.
TFT LCD Display LVDS Interface
Recent growth in processor power, multi-media, virtual-reality and networking has demanded more bandwidth than ever before.
TFT LCD Touchscreen Selection
Selection of a touchscreen panel is basically determined by the application, expected users and its working environment.
TFT LCD Interface
TFT LCDs are becoming the norm for small-to-medium size displays in a variety of products within industrial, medical, POS and consumer applications. To pick the right interface, you need to understand them first.
Capacitive Touch Screen Benefits
Capacitive LCD touch screens are often referred to as multi-touch screens, as users can often move over a screen, zoom in and out of an image with simple hand gestures. This is due to the capacitive’s sensitive nature.
Resistive Touch Screen Benefits
Resistive touch is one of the most commonly used touchscreen technologies and was once the most predominant type of touchscreen interface.
LCD Backlight Trends
LCDs create their display with the manipulation of visible ambient light. In the absence of this light, we must add backlighting to make these LCD displays visible.
Using TFT Touch Screen - Best Practices
TFT Touch displays are becoming more prevalent every day. To bring out TFT touch screen's best performance, some design considerations are needed.
LCD Screen EMI Issues and Solutions
Any electronic device generates some amount of electromagnetic radiation. LCD display is the obvious place to show EMI.
How TFT LCD Works - explained
When compared to the ordinary LCD, TFT LCD gives very sharp and crisp text/graphic with shorter response time.
Connect Raspberry Pi with LCD Display
Raspberry Pi is a very popular single board machine. Connecting it with a touch screen LCD makes it a lot more useful.
How to implement LCD capacitive touch screen
We are showing an example of setting up and testing the hardware interface to capacitive touch LCD panel.