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LCD Burn In and Prevention
LCD screen burn in is also called image retention or image persistence.
LCD Screen EMI Issues and Solutions
Any electronic device generates some amount of electromagnetic radiation. LCD display is the obvious place to show EMI.
How TFT LCD Works - explained
When compared to the ordinary LCD, TFT LCD gives very sharp and crisp text/graphic with shorter response time.
Connect Raspberry Pi with LCD Display
Raspberry Pi is a very popular single board machine. Connecting it with a touch screen LCD makes it a lot more useful.
How to implement LCD capacitive touch screen
We are showing an example of setting up and testing the hardware interface to capacitive touch LCD panel.
Ensure LCD Display Optimum Contrast in Mass Production
Keeping product quality consistent is a major topic for manufacturer, so is making sure LCD uniform display effect.
LCD Display Enhancement - Film & Filter
Film & filter enhancements are an effective way to unlock your LCD's potential. Improve screen vivacity and clarity, enhance brightness and optimize light transmission.
TFT LCD Display for Medical Device
Visualization is an important factor in modern medical field, and it is realized mostly by the use of LCD, especially TFT LCD.
How to choose a TFT LCD Display Module
TFT color LCD is now the de-facto standard for most applications. So how do you choose the right TFT display?
LCD Viewing Modes & Polarizers
The type of image the display will create is a cosmetic issue LCD user needs to decide at the beginning.
What is Topway Smart LCD Module?
"Show this interface", "Update that value on screen", "User's input is" ... Smart LCD module introduces high-level programming capabilities, and encapsulates all display logic. No more pixel drawing.
How to implement LCD display resistive touch function
LCD displays with touch screen are used in more and more applications. Here is a simple example on how touch screen is implemented.