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What is Topway Smart LCD?

Traditional TFT Application

Typically, when you design a device with LCD, your product will contain these functional blocks. Host MCU is in total control of content display.

TFT application block diagram

You can tell, demand on product main board is high and its software logic is complex.

Smart LCD Application

Taking over the duty of displaying content, Topway launched Smart LCD module couple years ago. Smart LCD is a TFT LCD display module embedded with display engine and touch controller.

smart lcd application block diagram

The Difference

Smart LCD is between traditional TFT LCD module and HMI device. HMI device works as a standalone unit with higher cost. Topway smart LCD provides a cost effective way to quickly implement human - machine interface.

  • Graphical UI Editor, enables quick user interface construction
  • Preloaded UI design in smart LCD, provides speedy showing and updating
  • Embedded display engine, reduces main board workload and over-all cost
  • Built-in Script language engine, empowers rich and friendly user interface
  • RJ45 port, supports long-distant update and easy expansion
  • Unified body, improves EMC performance and increases reliability